Dan Jump


Dan Jump is the Striker Player Manager, leading the team in tactics and motivation for success.

Lewis Cooksley

centre back player manager

Lewis Cooksley is a Centre Back Player Manager - overseeing defensive positioning, organizing lineups, and motivating teammates.

Sam Roberts

Right Back

Sam Roberts plays the crucial role of a Right Back on the team, defending effectively and supporting offensive plays.

Wojciech Chachaj

Goal Keeper

Wojciech Chachaj fulfills the crucial role of Goal Keeper for our team, eliciting trust with his reliable performances.

Conor Gardiner

Left Back

Conor Gardiner serves at the crucial position of Left Back, bringing defense prowess and field strategy to our team.

Mike Harris

Centre Back

As a Centre Back, Mike Harris plays a critical role in defense, adept at blocking and intercepting attacks from the opposition.

Ben Dashwood

Centre Midfield

Ben Dashwood holds the position of centre Midfield on the team, where he plays a pivotal role in controlling game flow.

Harry Hensby


Harry Hensby serves as the primary Striker of the team, spearheading offense and skillfully scoring goals.

Ben Smith


Ben Smith holds the position of a Winger. He uses his speed and skill to bypass defenders and provide crosses into the pitch.

Aiden Sadler


Aiden Sadler is a crucial team member, fulfilling the demanding role of a Winger, tasked with advancing the ball down the field.

Andrew Jellicoe

centre Midfield

Andrew Jellicoe plays a prominent role on our team as the Centre Midfield. He is responsible for controlling the game's pace.

Cody O'Neil

Central Attacking Midfielder

Cody O'Neil excels in his role as Central Attacking Midfielder, skilfully coordinating play and creating scoring opportunities.

James Fletcher

centre Midfield

James Fletcher holds the crucial position of centre midfield, anchoring the team with his astute passes and strong play.

Lewy Sadler


Lewy Sadler plays as a Winger, tasked with speedy attacks and crosses from the sidelines for the team.

James Lovett


James Lovett plays the key role of Striker, spearheading our team's offense with a primary goal of scoring.

Martin Bull


Martin Bull operates as a Winger, leveraging his speed and prowess in crossing the ball to outmaneuver opponents.

Eddie Prior

Winger. Team Secretary

Eddie Prior plays an essential dual role on our team as a Winger and also serves as our Team Secretary.

Sam Taylor

Centre Back

Sam Taylor serves as a Centre Back for our team, applying strategic defense skills to prevent opponent's advances.

Taylor Clayton

Centre Midfield

Taylor Clayton serves as our team's Centre Midfield, demonstrating both defensive skills and facilitating effective attacks.

Harry Flavell

Centre Back

Harry Flavell is a vital part of the team, expertly holding the position of Centre Back, spearheading the defense.

Jack Colbourne

Centre Midfield

Jack Colbourne plays a crucial role on the team as the Centre Midfielder, leading the charge in both defense and offense.

Lewis Osmore

Left back

Lewis Osmore plays left back on the team. He is a Left back-equipped with defensive skills.

Zac Radford


As a Winger, Zac Radford carries out the essential task of driving the ball down the flanks, delivering crosses into the opponent's area.

Shaun Cooksley

Left Back

Shaun Cooksley serves the team as the Left Back, focusing predominantly on the defensive aspect of the game.

Glenn Cooksley


Glenn Cooksley holds the key position of Forward in the team. He assists with offensive plays and aims to score goals.

Dave Stewart

Centre Back

Dave Stewart, a valuable asset to our team, holds the crucial position of Centre Back, responsible for defending goals.

Frankie Johnson

Goal Keeper

Frankie Johnson holds the position of Goal Keeper on our team, showcasing excellent reflexes and agility.